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Breathing In Mindfulness Seminar

I am kindly inviting all friends and family to attend my next seminar on ‘Breathing in Mindfulness.’

If we wish to lessen the power of negative emotions, we must search for the causes and that give rise to them.
In a world surrounded by the constant pressure and stress of day-to-day life an increasing number of us are starting to feel the negative impacts of this stress upon our immune systems which in turn is creating a constant imbalance in our bodies.

A correct posture is to create a more inspiring environment for practising breathing in mindfulness which can help defuse negativity, aggression and turbulent emotions.
Breathing isn’t really something that you do, but something that you witness as it happens.  Breathing happens by itself.  There is no strain or effort involved.  All you have to do is watch it happening.

This is called “Mind in comfort and ease posture” clearing the mind and have clear vision to see the reality of any situation.

Please join me on Sunday 29th  October from 11:00am to 12:30pm.

The seminar is £40 for one and £55 for two

I look forward to teaching you the healing art of Breathing in Mindfulness.

Master Lau